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About Clinic

Our goal was to utilize all the experience gathered throughout dermatology career around the world and create a modern clinic to provide world class dermatology and aesthetics dermatology services to local population.

Leveraging the best experiences

We are a private dermatology outpatients clinic.

We provide dermatology services to patients in Swietokrzyskie and Lubelskie area. Our specialists treat paediatric and adult population.

We specialize in clinical dermatology and derm surgery/aesthetics dermatology.

We also perform clinical trials in dermatology. Both our teams, based in Ostrowiec and Lublin are experienced, with excellent recruitment record. We are happy to send a detailed clinical trials performance record and underwent audits for past 5 years upon sponsor’s request.


Jacek Zdybski

The owner and founder of the clinic, which was established on the basis of a small dermatology office run since 2007 in Ostrowiec. He graduated in medicine from the Medical University of Warsaw in 2001.

He holds a PhD in medical sciences – doctoral dissertation on the impact of aesthetic medicine treatments (botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid) on the quality of life of patients.

Iwona Zdybska

Co-owner of the Zdybski Clinic and financial director. She graduated from the University of Lincoln as a full-time student in England, where she received a Master’s degree in Management.

Additionally, she completed postgraduate studies at the Leon Koźmiński University in Warsaw, majoring in: Conducting and Monitoring Clinical Trials. In the Clinic, she is responsible for the financial department. An optimist who likes to plan.

Our mission

World-class dermatology available locally. We want patients from our area to be able to have access to the latest achievements in dermatology, without having to travel far.